Fresh Start in 2020 from HealthSmart! Consulting

January 06, 2020





Each new year brings a welcome opportunity to set goals, make plans and simply seek a fresh start. We make commitments to diet, exercise, become more organized, etc. etc. etc. The truth be told, for most of us, our enthusiasm is quickly replaced with the guilt of falling short of meeting our goals.

This year, perhaps we can broaden our focus and approach the new year as a new beginning on our journey to embrace a healthier lifestyle for our families.   We are not setting goals that are mountains high, but rather taking small steps toward adopting a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our children.

Once we change our perspective, our path becomes clearer and our journey to a healthier lifestyle truly begins!

Here are some healthy habits and ideas to share with your family:

  1. Make a commitment to yourself and to each other to change behaviors in small, gradual steps.


  1. Establish good eating habits, starting with eating more fruits and vegetables, reducing refined starches (choose whole grains over white flour products) and eliminating unhealthy fats.


  1. Set good examples for one another.


  1. Emphasize eating whole foods-the closer a food is to its natural state, the better it is for your body.


  1. Know what you are eating-read food labels, and steer away from chemical additives and excess sugar and salt.


  1. Build on successes-keep adding new healthy habits.


  1. Drink more water. It makes up about 70% of our bodies and is the most important nutrient.


  1. Be active – get up and get movin’!


  1. Work together as a family – be supportive and make accountability part of the plan.


  1. Celebrate change! Reinforce each other for making healthy lifestyle choices.

Remember, be sure to set reasonable goals. Gradual changes are generally more effective and lasting. Supplying our kids with healthy information and with our healthy example is key to turning unhealthy habits around. Seek out resources, education and support as necessary to make healthy lifestyle changes that work for the whole family. Effort that results in practicing healthier habits will be time well spent for years to come.

Have a happy, healthy 2020!

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