Flourish-75Developmental Questionnaire

We offer an easy quiz to help pinpoint your child’s needs. Answering YES to any of the 24 questions in the questionnaire could indicate concern or delays in your child’s development. Please consult a professional in the area(s) of your concerns to determine if further evaluation is indicated. Timely attention to your concerns, if beyond developmental limits, is essential. Contact us with any questions.


FlourishCenter_Book ClubThe Flourish Center “Book Club”

New to The Flourish Center, our very own “Book Club.”  This is your chance to learn with us and have access to our entire team on a more personal level. Join us, as an allied professional team, to discuss hot topics and various books and publications that affect the children we love… A good old “book club” with an added bonus!  See details in the posting below to get information about our first meeting and the first book we will be discussing.  Such a unique opportunity for parent, caregivers, and related professionals- spread the word!




Flourish Groups

2014 Summer Programs

Check out our unique and collaborative groups designed and taught by members of The Flourish Center.  Our groups focus on fun and development in an inviting group setting.  CONTACT US for Year-Round offerings!





Flourish-9Hearing/ Audiological Resources

Find Trusted Resources about Hearing Loss and Audiological Services HERE.





Flourish-53Speech/ Language/ Occupational Therapy Resources

Find Trusted Resources about Speech and Language Therapy, Feeding Interventions, Occupational Therapy and Sensory Interventions HERE.


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